“The Only Constant Is Change”  This paradox has intrigued me since I was a child, the search for the constant that is always changing and no matter how people try to keep it constant, everything and everyone undergoes a process of change from the moment of its formation, in these works, I combine techniques of illustration and sculpture, minimalism, working with layers and the transition from two to three dimensions.

I am captivated in the creative process by the crystallization of the idea and the search for materials that will express it.

The works consist of polymeric elastic materials, both white and transparent, that allow rich shading affected and changed by lighting and movement.

My work has been influenced by the belief that “the only constant is change”. There are images that deal with existence creation, growth, change, life and death.

I try to convey silence, calm and power through precise and clear aesthetics. 

Connections are created between the viewer and the work enabling physical participation through changes in movement and the angle viewed. My works are fixed objects that come to life through the light cast on them. It is the shadow or “dead light” that produces life that changes due to the changing environment. This element challenges our attempt as humans to create a fixed reality that does not really exist.